• what is PHP Advantages and Disadvantages?


    what is PHP Advantages and Disadvantages?

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    Advantages of PHP

    Open source: It is produced and kept up by a huge gathering of PHP engineers, this will helps in making a bolster group, inexhaustible expansion library.

    Speed: It is relative quick since it utilizes much framework asset.

    Simple to utilize: It utilizes C like language structure, so for the individuals who know about C, it’s simple for them to get and it is anything but difficult to make site scripts.

    Stable: Since it is kept up by numerous engineers, so when bugs are discovered, it can be immediately settled.

    Effective library bolster: You can without much of a stretch find useful modules you need, for example, PDF, Graph and so forth.

    Worked in database association modules: You can interface with database effectively utilizing PHP, since numerous sites are information/content driven, so we will utilize database as often as possible, this will to a great extent diminish the advancement time of web applications.

    Can be keep running on numerous stages, including Windows, Linux and Mac, it’s simple for clients to discover facilitating specialist co-ops.


    Disadvantages of PHP

    Security : Since it is publicly released, so all individuals can see the source code, if there are bugs in the source code, it can be utilized by individuals to investigate the shortcoming of PHP.

    Not reasonable for vast applications: Hard to keep up since it is not extremely secluded.

    Powerless sort: Implicit transformation may astound unwary software engineers and prompt to surprising bugs. For instance, the strings “1000” and “1e3” analyze rise to in light of the fact that they are verifiably thrown to coasting point numbers

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