• Advantages Of MVC:

    Advantages Of MVC

    Silver Member Asked on May 26, 2016 in Codeigniter Framework.
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    1.Using mvc we can reuse the code.

    2.Less coupling between the layers.

    3.Separating of concerns.Means changes in one part as view not depend upon changes in controller.You can work independently in view part if another works in controller.The modular and separate design also allows developers and designers to work simultaneously.

    4. MVC architecture turns an application into a maintainable, modular, rapidly developed package.

    Model View Controller has been adapted as an architecture for World Wide Web applications.Various frameworks are created in mvc pattern .Like in php the framework cakephp,codeigniter,zend etc are  depends upon the mvc pattern.

    Silver Member Answered on May 26, 2016.
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