• What type of job is best either government job or private job?

    Latest government jobs we are updates all state,central,.  your are prepared one time  work your life is settle but  private job is not secure job

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    I’m writing this answer with a view for just govt. JObs because of being a Railway Employee’s son. Government jobs comes with all bells and whistles (with tough to being able to nail one) most of the times like :

    1. The biggest advantage of Government job is “Job Security”.
    2. Number of leaves(you can spend more time with your family)
    3. Government fixed holidays are more than what private firm gives.
    4. Pay Structure – After the introduction of the 6th pay commission, the pay, which a government employee gets, is in par with the corporate sector in only some places approximately
    5. There are obviously lesser working hours than what you have to grind in a pvt. one
    6. Benefits and Perks – facilities like internet, telephone subscription, LTC. While the quality of the services is debateable, it is nonetheless and advanatge alongwith many benefits such as retirement benefits, pension plans and funds exist moreover benefits such as medical, housing, loans, childcare etc. are also available with every govt. Job, as they said ZINDAGI KE  SAATH BHI, ZINDAGI KE BAAD BHI 😉 😀 
    7. Salary increment – your salary will increase which will have no correlation with your performance.
    8. Respect- If you are a government employee then you will get respect from a subset of government employees and people junior to you because of your position and power. 

    1. In government jobs you have to be ready to go anywhere in your country. Some transfers are even in inhospitable areas where you cannot take your family, which is totally the case with my dad now, he and my mother (including my younger sister) have been separated due to this reason for past 6 years because he lives in a vary remote area in J&K working on USBRL project 🙁 and I also switched 5 schools due to previous transfers, which is the reason why I ended up making barely any school friends :/

    2. promotions are not based on merit. They depend more on reference of someone influential. We call it nepotism clearly , as my father is also an INDAIN RAILWAYS employee and his promotion has been withheld due to this reason only for past 7 years :/ (they asked for money, but we didn’t gave up even a single penny)

    3. Less salary and transfers to inhospitable areas would make you to live a substandard lifestyle. With little salary you can hardly make your both ends meet. in the end, AAJ KE SAMAY MEIN GHAR CHALLANA MUSHKIL HAI 😛 
    4. Generally you are presented with boring and monotonous paperwork.
    5. Jealousy and leg-pulling among employees is a day to day affair sometimes (unless you have a good educated society around you), also called as UNIONBAAJI 😛
    6. What you get in a government job compared to any private sector job is just peanuts. Monthly salary and other perks are very less when compared to private jobs.
    7. You generally face a lack in personality development compared to environment Private counterparts (unless you are an IAS or class 1 officer)
    8. In government jobs a person would never have satisfaction for what he is doing. Neither money nor satisfaction in a sarkari naukri!

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    I thinks is depends Upon your requirement

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    For Highly  Talented Persons Private Jobs are Better because of More Earning Opportunities .

    Normal or Average Talent persons  Must  Look for Govt Jobs .

    Private Jobs are unstable as compared to Govt Jobs.

    Although Govt Jobs having Low Salaries than Private Jobs but They are Fixed and sure than Private sector Jobs.

    Govt jobs have more advantages over Private jobs

    Govt jobs are like Jindgi ke sath b and Jindgi ke Baad b.


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