• What is the relation between Classes and Objects in php OOPS System?

    What is the relation between Classes and Objects in php OOPS System?

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    Class is a definition, while object is a instance of the class created.
    class is like a blueprint/template in OOPs, and this template is used to create objects.The collection of properties & behavior of an object is also called as class. A class contains properties, fields, data members, attributes.

    Car is an object , cars is a class

    public class cars

    According to the sample given below we can say that the cars object, named object_car, has created out of the cars class.
    cars object_car = new cars();

    object is an instance of a class.An object is an entity that has attributes, behavior, and identity. Objects are members of a class.
    Objects are accessed, created or deleted during program run-time.

    Declaration of an Object in OOPs
    ClassName objectName=new ClassName();

    Car objCar= new Car();

    Attribute in OOPs: Attributes define the characteristics of a class. In Class Program attribute can be a string or it can be a integer.
    Behavior in OOPS: Every object has behavior.
    Identity in OOPS: Each time an object is created the object identity is been defined.

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